About Us

Our Mission

PrestoSports is dedicated to connecting fans with their favorite teams.

We achieve this by providing superior technology that delivers statistics, video, live stats, and news directly to any fan, anywhere. We take great pride in the usability, stability and functionality of indvidual products that all work together to deliver team information in several forms, easily and reliably.

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is for athletic organizations and conferences to easily reach their fans.

At PrestoSports, we're changing that landscape, one team at a time, by providing the tools that ultimately let fans follow and interact with their favorite sports teams, independent of TV contracts and superstars.

It is our goal to level the playing field, giving college and high school teams the management tools they need to easily and affordably create a powerful online and mobile presence, as well as connect with fans through awards, stats, streaming video, and camp registration apps.

We are part of a movement away from expensive, limited-choice solutions toward a more inclusive, fan-centric model, allowing athletic directors to focus their time and energy where it counts: on the sports themselves - and the more than 10 million fans we serve each month on their behalf.