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Why do I have a charge from PrestoSports on my bank statements?

PrestoSports hosts over 1,400 athletic websites, video streaming portals and more, many of which have online camp registrations, event registrations, sell gear, sell tickets, host auctions and more.

The charge on your statement will appear as "PrestoSports", not the team's name.

If you are unsure what you ordered online, please search your email for an order confirmation from support@ ลงทุน เกม ออนไลน์ After every purchase we send a confirmation email with the details of your order and the amount charged.

If you are still unsure what the charge is for, please contact our support team and we will look up your order. Please have the amount and date of the charge on hand.


OR CALL (301) 656-5504

It is important to note that if you file a chargeback with your bank you will risk losing your camp registration, ticket purchase, etc.

Please contact us directly before taking this step.